Winter Wonderland Wisconsin Wanderings: Part 2

18 Dec


You wish you were here.

Why, hello lovely friends!

I am currently sitting next to this merrily crackling fire, while Cat takes a cat nap and Marianne explores Huffington Post.  I thought I’d take advantage of this rare moment of general quiet to catch y’all up.

On Monday, I finished my first semester of grad school (yay!) and caught a train into NYC to meet the lovely Maryann and hang out at her place. It was crazy hoppin, as Caitlyn and Robert were also visiting and both of her roomates were there (not to mention Worthington, the upper east side mouse that just moved in). Speaking of Worthington… we saw him scurrying around the apartment all evening, but we kept Maryann’s door closed because it is flush with the floor and no micey visitors can break in. Because of our crowded situation, the Menzies and I had to sleep on an air mattress (that was actually super comfortable, thanks Mama Menzies!). Cut to an hour later, I’m dreaming that something is falling down my leg. I wake up to the mouse crawling down my calf, so I gasp and push all of the covers off of me. After making sure Worthington is no longer hiding in the blankets, my complete exhaustion takes over and I fall back to sleep. Thirty mintues later, Worthington wakes me up in a similar fashion. He then makes a beeline for Maryann’s face, so I scream, “Maryann! Wake up! The mouse!” A 5:30 AM mouse hunt ensues, after which we abandon the air mattress and squeeze onto the couch and the bed. Oh, Worthington.

I was going to update you in detail on the road trip and the last few days, but instead I’ll let the facebook album and these videos speak for themselves:

Tire swings are fun!

We are women, hear us roar!

Everyone knows the shoe song! 


In sisterhood,



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