Wisconsin Winter Wonderland Wanderings: Part 3

19 Dec

Hello all! New update, I’m never leaving Wisconsin. Everyone is awesome, the food rocks, and there is fancy shmancy snow EVERYWHERE. Plus, when they throw parties, they have ten different kinds of cheese, spinach dip, and patron. This is why Wisconsin wins.

I think I left y’all with a mouse in a house in Manhattan. Fast forward to how I woke up an hour later to grab a taxi, made it to Laguardia by 7:30 AM only to be told that my flight actually left from Jersey. Gross. Then I got a bus BACK to Jersey and caught my plane into Austin. Garrett Hall, BFF extraordinaire, picked me up from the airport. There was much joy! Then, because he’s awesome and a great person, he took me to El Chilito and we got Tex Mex! Here are some pictures:

Then he drove me to his house so I could see it, it is an awesome house, just lacking in furniture. We went to Cat’s house and hung out until we were all packed, and then we were off! We drove through Texas, which seemed to take forever, and then we got to Oklahoma. Remind me never to drive through that state again. Pointless, worthless, stinky, flat, awful. Ten skunks graced us with their stinky presence, and a creeper told Marianne to “put a kerter on the tahlet” at a gas station called Choctaw. Missouri was better, but not by much. In Illinois, which looks exactly like Missouri and Oklahoma, we got a flat tire on the Road to Freedom. I’m not kidding.

Then a state trooper came by and fixed our tire and we made it to Madison! Since, we have had more cheese than I thought possible, cut down a tree in the wilderness, partied hard Wisconsin style, and froze our asses off. We have also baked like crazy people. Today we are going back to state street, which is downtown, and I think maybe another bar? Anywho, it’s awesome. And, as per tradition, Video Diaries:

Marianne is Crazy:

Dance Party Chronicles: 

In Sisterhood and Solidarity,



2 Responses to “Wisconsin Winter Wonderland Wanderings: Part 3”

  1. Amy December 20, 2010 at 12:13 am #

    Glad you are having an awesome time over there! Jed’s parents live in Wisconsin and they were telling me about the huge amount of snowfall they were getting. Me=jealous! We move up here to Maine, and I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, but getting super weak snow flurries and freezing temps instead. Merry Christmas!!


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