Cranberry Chiffon Pie and Eat Pray Love

31 Dec

or, why you should never try to bake chiffon custard pie the night before you need it

Hello all! Here it is, New Year’s Eve, and I am sitting in my PJ’s watching Doctor Who. Tonight I’ll be going to a party with some fellow hilltopper alums, so I decided to try to make Anger Burger’s cranberry chiffon pie. I’d had my eye on it since I read the recipe. It took me a good three hours to finish, and I have to admit I didn’t quite have the exact ingredients it called for. Mainly, I didn’t have fresh cranberries. Perhaps that’s why it tastes like sugar. The gelatin was another issue, it was clumpy instead of smooth, and the consistency more like malt-o-meal than a smooth custard. Yeah. A bit gross. I think if I do this again, I’ll make my grandmother’s custard base instead of this gelatin base, but keep the rest. I’m not sure how you make gelatin not disgusting. Anywho, after staying up in the kitchen until 12:30 to finish the 9 cup pies and whole normal pie the filling made, and then waking up to a pretty pie that tastes… like sugar. I think the only part of the process that actually went well was the whipping of the whipped cream. That shit was delicious. Granted, I had to whip it in the upstairs bathroom with the vent whirring and two sinks running in order to not  wake up the dogs with the buzzing of the hand held mixer, but such is life when you’re making a pie at midnight. I’m still taking it to the New Year’s party, maybe someone else will find it appetizing? I’m also planning on grabbing a bottle of bubbly to make up for it. Maybe. I am quite broke. Le sigh.

Before turning on Doctor Who, I was planning on just sitting and reading Eat Pray Love. I recently did a scathing review of this book in a paper I wrote for class, mainly citing this article from bitch magazine: Eat, Pray, Spend. I had not, however, actually read the book before making my claims. I’m not saying they’re wrong, but I will say I’m getting the same enjoyment out of reading Eat, Pray, Love as I did the Twilight series. Easy, entertaining, and totally justifiable since I can recount all of the problematic elements on demand. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to check out of my brain and just read something, even if, like Twilight, it angers my inner feminazi to the point of wanting to throw all four books across the room. I also didn’t realize, because I didn’t read the book, that the author, Elizabeth Gilbert, discloses that her trip was funded by her publishing company in one of the first chapters. Oops. From now on I will personally read/watch (almost) all of the materials I plain to rip apart in my papers. I think.

Sometimes these dogs freak me out, because we have such similar habits, like stretching, yawning, sneezing, and giving my parents cute “feed me?” looks. Most times, though, I just love them. Doesn’t their life rock?

I’ve been taking quite a few days off, which people have supported as it is the holiday. But I’m making this one and only New Year’s resolution:

By the time I go back to New Jersey, I will have contacted six organizations in the NYC area for meetings about my practicum, edited and submitted a paper to a conference, emailed Dr. Bunch about the GA position, sold my car, and used the money to pay off my credit card debt. Allrighty, 2011! Bring it!


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