Harry Potter TOTALLY stayed at school over break.

14 Mar

That makes it cool if I do it too, right?

So, it is spring break time again. Time for all those still in school to take a break, probably somewhere away from their campus, and most likely somewhere with a beach and a lot of booze. I have never done the real spring break thing, although one time I did go on a camping trip that got a little crazy. Camp Monay much?

This spring break, as the broke and wheel-deficient graduate student I am, I decided to spend half of break here in Jersey “working.” So far “working” has meant that I’ve gotten through season 1 of Ugly Betty, cleaned, dusted, and vacuumed my room (those who know me know this is insane), washed all my dishes, and caught up on Bones. In my defense, I had no idea that the library would be closed over the weekend. I guess it makes sense. If you expect all of the students to be gone, why would you make people work in the library on a weekend?

Well, today is not the weekend. Last night I resolved to go to the library and pick up all the books I’ve put on hold about NAFTA and critical discourse analysis (I know, right? My life is cray cray). I finally went to bed after watching Emma on netflix. I completely forgot that Clueless is based on Emma, and spent most of the movie putting Clueless characters with Emma characters instead of suspending disbelief. Oops. No offense to Gwyneth and Ewan, but I’d take the mid nineties fabulousness of Clueless over Emma any day. I may have stayed up a little late, and wasn’t planning on waking up before 11.

Cut to 8:21 AM. I woke up, looked at my phone, and felt completely confused about why I was awake. Then I heard this incessant tapping sound. It sounded somewhat like someone was repeating a hammering pattern, but not as loud as hammering into a wall. It also sounded like someone trying to clean out something metallic by hitting it. I got up and looked out the window, thinking maybe the Rutgers people had decided to do some work while everyone was gone for spring break. Not a soul was outside. I got back into bed and thought, “maybe it will stop.” Instead, a very similar pattern of knocking repeated itself every few minutes. I realized that it sounded like it was coming from the air conditioning metal trough thing that goes through my apartment from the living room to the last bedroom and hangs from the ceiling. After dismissing my friend Kelsey’s idea, that it was probably a sad little Finnish child, I got up and decided to investigate. In the living room, it was doing the exact same thing but at least twice as loud. I reached up and touched the bottom of the metal air conditioning trough thing, and sure enough it was shaking with the rhythmn of the tapping. My roomated came out, because she’d been woken up too. Luckily, when we turned it on and let it rattle around a bit, it stopped.

I proceeded to sleep until 1. My roomate Rhya says it’s because my deep sleep was interrupted. I’m going to go with her explanation for that. I was just really happy that there wasn’t a poltergeist fluent in morse code living in my air conditioner.

Spring break seems so long when it is looming like an escape plan from life in the distance, but once you’re in it you realize how short it actually is. For example, it seemed like I was going to have forever and a day to study since I was “only” going to Cambridge for three days to visit my friends for St. Patty’s Day (yay!). Now I realize that I have about 72 hours before I need to be on a bus. Oops?

There are a few things I would like to get done before school starts again. I’m going to list them here to give myself the oomph to get them done.

1. My taxes. I have been putting this off, because I expected some magical piece of mail to arrive for me explaining how I should incorporate the Be On Time loan into my taxes this year. It hasn’t arrived. I guess that means it’s up to me to figure it out. Awesome.

2. Making my beige cardigan less blah. Currently, the plan is to use bright fuschia embroidery yarn to accent the trim on the pockets, neckline, and sleeves. We will see how this goes.

3. The two new books on discourse that I got from the library today.

4. Topic selection for my paper in Gender and Human Rights

That doesn’t seem so bad. Right?

Wish me luck!



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