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Wednesday…. ?

6 Oct

Sometimes I feel like Glee is speaking to me. No, seriously. Like last night, when they were talking about spirituality and all of these things, and Mercedes said that you have to have something sacred in your life. I’m totally in this amorphous spiritual space right now, and I’m trying to figure out what that sacred is. If you haven’t watched Glee yet from last night, here is a link because you’re totally missing out on like half of the joy that could be existing in your life at this very moment : Grilled Cheesus. Yesterday, in the midst of this awesome meeting with a professor that also felt a little like a therapy session, I discovered that she, too, watches Glee. Amazing. Sometimes, though, Glee is exactly what I need. Yesterday I was a little on the sleepy side, so I listened to some Glitney (Glee Britney) whilst getting ready. I have to tell you. Putting on thigh-high sweater socks is totally different when listening to Artie tell you about how he’s so much stronger than yesterday. Glee is a part of the spectacle and the culture industry, I know, but there’s something about it that communicates to my soul, and I’ve decided that’s OK. Also, how did they know I prayed to a spaghetti monster with light shooting out of its boobs slash a grilled cheesus? Creepy…

In other news, it’s kind of cold here. I do like cold weather. It allows for all kinds of combinations of layers and tights, which I appreciate. Also, my favorite pair of shoes right now are purple sueded slouchey ankle boots which are only cold weather appropriate. However. Cold weather makes me think of Christmas (since it only ever gets cold right before the holidays, and sometimes only after New Year’s in the TX) and Christmas makes me think of white lights on campus. Every year at my alma mater, a private Catholic school, there is a magical period of time between Thanksgiving and the winter break. During this time, thousands of shiny white Christmas lights are strung all over campus. They go around the trees and the buildings, and at night its like walking through a magical fairyland. I am kind of agnosticish right now, and have been for a while, but there is something so reassuring about those Christmas lights at night. Now I’m in the northeast, and I know that at public schools they don’t decorate for Christmas, and I completely understand that. It does make me a little sad, though, that there will be no magical winter fairyland during finals.

Speaking of things that I find randomly reassuring, I was at a coffee shop doing homework with one of my new friends, Amanda. I don’t even remember what we were talking about, but some part of the conversation involved me, a 22 year old graduate student, turning to her and saying very matter-of-factly, “God put the rainbow in the sky as a sign of His promise never to flood the world again.” Like I was stating some objective scientific fact. Amanda, a proud Jew, burst out laughing. She then told me that this is not in the Old Testament, which led to a 48 hour crisis of non-faith when I thought I had been lied to as a child. Eventually we realized that it is in the Old Testament (in Genesis 9: 13) that God says He will set his “bow” in the clouds. So we may have taken a little creative¬†license, but there is something so reassuring and good about rainbows to me. A lot like the white lights in December at good old St. Ed’s.

My excellent and lovely friend, who has a hilarious and awesome wordpress blog as well, loves everything about Christmas. So, she has decided to do a twelve weeks of Christmas theme where she brings up something awesome and Christmasy every week until Christmas. I was trying to think of what I could do in that vein, and first I thought I should do something celebrating the 90th anniversary of giving women the right to vote. In that vein, here is a copy online of the petition signed by Susan B. Anthony. Awesome! My theme, however, is going to be Twelve Weeks of Whedon, paying homage to the most awesome director and creator… ever. This week, the original unaired pilot episode . Or, if you only have like two minutes, a little clip from something I like to call Season 6 Episode 8:

catch you on the flip side,