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What? Craft time? Awesome!

5 Feb

This all started around December 20th, when my friend’s wonderful aunt surprised me with BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER JONES SODA.

Holy crap, is it cool, or what?!

Then, I had to go home to Houston, so the soda stayed in Wisconsin. After I got back here for school, they were nice enough to send me my slaying sodas through the snail mail. I lined them up in a row on top of the fridge, where they hung out for a bit looking super colorful and delicious and totally badass. But, there was the problem… to drink, or not to drink? That was the question.

Then, the answer came in the form of my friend, while I was describing my dilemma. She said, “I’m pretty sure you can turn glass bottles into cups.”


I know, I know, when you watch the video it’s kind of freaky. Imagine my roomates’ faces when I told them that it only involved string, rubbing alcohol, a lighter, and a bowl of water. But! I trusted the maker of the above video and decided to give it a try. But, not, obviously, with a Buffy bottle. I needed a glass bottle of some sort to  try this out on.

Enter my new four pack of Boylan Pure Seltzer.  Yum! I recetly kicked the soda habit (except, of course, my buffy soda) and have replaced all caffeinated and way too sugary beverages with mineral water. So! When I finished my first bottle, I knew it was time. My roomates helped out, and we discovered some things:

Number One! Even though it says you can use acetone or rubbing alcohol, if you don’t just have acetone lying around your house and you’re thinking of using acetone nail polish remover, don’t. There isn’t enough acetone in the nail polish remover for the string to burn hot enough. The first attempt, after I stopped screaming and saying I didn’t want the bottle to explode and let my roomate light the string, was unsuccessful. The bottle just kind of floated, and then filled up with cold water. Oops.

Number Two: Alcohol-based hand sanitizer TOTALLY has enough alcohol in it to burn! A lot! For the second attempt, we first doused the yarn in a big huge dollop of sanitizer so it was totally soaked, then tied it on the bottle. When we lit that on fire, it was perfect! As soon as it was done burning, I dropped it in the water. At first, it didn’t break, and I was ever so sad, but then i pushed it just a bit against the bottom of the bowl and BAM! Broken glass.

What up, glass bottles into glasses?!

And there you have it! However, the edges were still, you know, sharp. Because they are glass. And broken. So, I got on amazon and ordered some Mod Podge Hard Coat and a pack of 5 pieces of sandpaper (two large grain, two medium grain, one fine). The eventual plan, and the reason for the Mod Podge, is to use it to preserve the labels on the jones soda bottles once I start turning those bottles into cups.

Today, I got my sandpaper in the mail! I was so excited, I ran home (but not really because there is ice EVERYWHERE) and grabbed the bottom of the bottle off the fridge, which is, as you may have noticed, where I put things to keep them safe.

I cut three small squares of sandpaper and started working on the outside edge, inside edge, and top of the break. I started with the most coarse and went down to the most fine, and then washed all of the teeny tiny glass dust particles off of the cup.

Because I am a slight hypochondriac, I decided to wash it again just to be safe. Anyways, long story not so short, I am now enjoying a glass of milk out of my new Boylan Pure Seltzer glass!

hey look! there's the glass! with milk in it and such nice, sanded edges!

When the Mod Podge arrives in the mail, and I finish my last two bottles (Dawn’s A Centaur Rootbeer and Buffy’s Blue Bubblegum) I will update you on the buffy glass making process. Until then… always be careful when playing with fire!

In Solidarity,