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The UN, Veganism, and trippy movies you thought you liked as a kid.

1 Oct

Why, hello.

[insert come hither stare.]

Yesterday when I promised to explain how the UN and veganism were connected I had this totally unrealistic expectation that I would have had time to read my new book by now. False. I’m currently reading The Kind Diet . A friend of mine mentioned that she read it and decided to go vegan, and because I really want to guilt myself into not being able to eat smothered pork chops or baked brie I asked if I could borrow it. But seriously. If you read any reports, including this one from the UN, (or a summed up version from the guardian) you will find that the way we eat is really, really bad for us. Huge disclaimer: though I think little fluffy chicks and bunnies are cute, I still think they are delicious and do not really associate any guilt with that deliciousness. However, I’m pretty down for reducing my carbon footprint through a lower consumption of meat and dairy. Did you know that a full fifth of the carbon emissions the US produces come from the meat industry? Isn’t that insane? I learned this tidbit from Mark Bittman, who wrote Food Matters. Also in Food Matters, I learned that the original food pyramid was basically bull shit that was paid for by big food industry lobbyists. I don’t know about you, but that kind of stuff makes activist me incredibly pissed off. When I decided to try to go one day without meat and realized I had no idea how to make lunch or dinner without it, I felt brainwashed. Since then, I’ve been flirting with a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle and I think this book is just another step in that direction. It is hard, though, to imagine my life as a veggie anything. Thanksgiving? Christmas? Easter? Birthdays? Fourth of July? Mother’s Day? Father’s Day? Memorial Day? Saturday? Being a southerner, I find it hard to picture myself still belonging to my family and not being an omnivore. We shall see, though. There are all kinds of options for incorporating these ideas into any diet. I will also keep you posted on The Kind Diet and how it is as a book in general.

In other news, do you remember this really freaking creepy movie that you probably watched as a child and thought “Holy shitballs, what the hell are they doing with that crystal?!” Yes. I am talking about The Dark Crystal. Probably one of the scariest and creepiest children’s films ever made (why thank you, Jim Henson, for my complete fear of…everything.) If you need a refresher, check out this scene on youtube.  Or, if you’re pretty sure that scared feeling in your stomach is from repressed memories of this damn movie and you want to check without upsetting your inner child, the trailer is a nice, misleadingly un-horrific way to jog your memory.  If you are sitting there reading this and wondering, why is she doing this? Why are we going here? It’s because today I had this urge to watch some harry potter (since I couldn’t bring my set of books with me when I moved) and found that none of the movies are streaming on netflix. Neither, I might add, is The Pebble and The Penguin, which was my second choice. I then started browsing the children’s movies sections, because by that point I was just in the mood for something happy that I could count on. That is when it happened. I saw The Dark Crystal right next to Labyrinth under the heading “Children-Adventures.” I don’t know about you, but I don’t think any child needs to see Bowie’s package so up close. Labyrinth is, of course, no Dark Crystal, but it still begged the question, what is up with all of these really creepy children’s movies? Think about it. How many children’s movies have you seen recently and thought “How could I possibly have a positive memory from this movie?” and then there are the movies that, even as a child, you knew were just plain wrong. Consider James and the Giant Peach. If you are like me, you will just remember some fun claymation insects and glowing worms. I somehow managed to block that viscious shark of death and the two masochistic aunts. I guess in some ways those kinds of kids movies are preferable to the sugary-sweet children’s movies of today. Those movies at least acknowledge that even as children we have an awareness that life isn’t all sunshine and daisies, and creepy children’s movies like the ones mentioned above respect the morbid in children. But still. I could have gone my whole life without that Dark Crystal, but then I wouldn’t have understood all the awesome jokes in the Robot Chicken parody, Dark Cristal.

I’m going to go sit around and hum.

Make that money, don’t let that money make you.